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Do you ever check out the Explore page of Instagram and wonder how can I get so many likes? As of 2013, Instagram witnesses over 130 million users per month. It seems very daunting to boost your presence in photo-sharing service. So, have a look on some of the tried and tested techniques that will assure you that yourInsta-buddies will see what you had this morning and like it.

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So your account is not set to private? Nobody is about to see the photos other than your followers. First of all, you should go public! Your people will see your bio first. So, you need to write concise bio that can show a little personality to you. You can upload the best pictures on the profile. You can provide shot-by-shot rehash to the audience but you might add more annoyance than interest. Instead, you need to pick one photo which is well-lit shot and well composed, with great proportions and clean lines. Consider what works and what not.


Timely posted photos are the best way to attract followers when their interaction and activities are buzzing. The engagement usually takes spikes at 6pm on Mondays and at 11pm on Fridays.


Tag is the link on your photo that can keep your little image stand out of the rest. Choose the right hashtag to get great exposure to your photos and leave it open for discovery. You need to tag a picture with proper hashtag. You can get hundreds of millions of followers by using hashtags like #cute, #love, #girl etc. You have to hit the sweet hashtag with right specificity. You need to be creative and think about the perfect tag for the audience. Keep your followers and your viewership in mind and keep it light. You shouldn’t cast a dozen of hashtags on a single photo. You may use one to 3 hashtags.

Go Social

You shouldn’t sit and expect making friends. By commenting on others’ photos, following them and liking their posts, you can get some of love back. You may find friends with explore function and view users suggested and invite other users to join you. You should utilize your community and repost photos to other social networks in order to enhance your reach.  The photos flow into different social platforms easily and most of the users are not going to connect their account to outer networks.








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