The one thing that a business fully relies upon in order to thrive is their reputation. You need to keep your clients close, happy and very pleased with each service in order for you to keep them, and attract more.

In the hotel industry, this is far more important. From the moment your guests start making inquiries, down to the minute they leave, their experience needs to be absolutely amazing. The slightest flaw can seriously damage your business, if highlighted and spread. Unfortunately, as a business owner, you may not always know what comment a client leaves on their social media platforms for instance. This is why you need a hotel reputation management system.

Why You Need A Hotel Reputation Management System

A hotel reputation management system is a software that is made to protect the image of your business in the public eye. It does this by monitoring online reviews about your service or product posted by users, filtering the positive from the negative, and alerting you of the negative.

It comes in handy in a number of ways:

  1. Helps analyze your business’ image. With a quick look through all social media platforms mentions of your brand, you are able to analyze and rate your business image. With this knowledge, you can then find ways of improving your service thus earning more clients.
  2. Manage negative reviews online as well as handle any crises as it rises. With a current and consistent eye on online comments, you are able to ensure that negative feedback does not get published by catching it early. It also helps you keep up to date with crises enabling you to respond fast, handle the client complaining, as well as correct whatever the issue may be.
  3. Improve brand awareness. Having an everlasting online presence, you are capable of building an online community that promotes your business, connects you to vendors and potential clients. People rely more on references, so this will be an effective way of spreading word about your business.
  4. Improve communication. Quick response to positive feedback is very encouraging, it is how brand ambassadors are made. It also gives your guests confidence as they can then ask about anything, get the response and decide fast about booking.
  5. Enables guests to give feedback fast and easy. Most offer automated feedback prompts where all the guest has to do is click on the most likely answer for them.
  6. As a manager, it enables you to assign different tasks to different users (staff) fast, and monitor progress where needed. Most software offer an integrated system that allows the manager to see different functions in one screen.

Types Of Hotel Reputation Management Software

With the above in consideration, it is easy to see why hotel reputation management systems have become popular. As such, there is now an array of software choices from which you can choose:

  1. Brand Manager: BookLogic’s Brand Manager is a system designed to ensure that your hotel ranks high among its peers. It comes in three different editions: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. The choice among these three editions will be dependent on the number of properties you want to put under and connect through this software.  Brand manager not only manages your online presence, it also helps you grow your business by analyzing your rank among your competitors.
  • Customer Alliance: Customer Alliance is a software designed specifically for hotels. It achieves its function by collecting all reviews posted on any and every online platform and embedding it into your business website. This then makes your website more visible, thus increasing direct bookings. Priced at $99 per month, Customer Alliance offers you quick response management, generation and monitoring of reviews, monitoring of social media as well as an analysis of sentiments.
  • Review Filter: This software was specifically designed for businesses in the hospitality industry as it works directly with the guest feedback, turning them into positive reviews. Priced at $29 per month, Review Filter offers you generation and monitoring of reviews, as well as management of responses.
  • Djubo: Djubo is a fairly new product, having been developed in 2014. It is a cloud-based software, designed to assist small and big hotels. Being a cloud based software, you are assured that none of the data stored here will ever really get lost. Unlike a number of other software, Djubo offers you an auto-synch channel manager that eases your offline and online distribution of info. This eases your online marketing and in turn, increases your income. For a fee of $25 per month, Djubo also offers you social media monitoring and management, as well as sentiment analyses to help you gauge your hotel’s ranking.
  • Brandwatch: Brandwatch is designed for small, medium and large enterprises. It is a UK software that provides you with insight on what is trending by analyzing social media interactions. This enables you to go before the tide and keep up with what is most trendy. It also gives you alerts about events that could be of use to your business.
  • EBuzz Connect: eBuzz Connect is also designed for hotels. It provides a combined interface that enables you to monitor all social media reviews about your hotel, monitor any relevant online buzz and communicate with interested guests.

Most, if not all these software options offer you access to and management of social media platforms. People connect and spread word of places to sleep at, eat at and even visit through these social media platforms. In fact, Social media marketing is one of the biggest strategies that most businesses are making use of. This is due to the numbers these platforms reach in a minute per day. Come up with social media marketing campaigns, couple them with these great hotel reputation management systems and you are golden!